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    The earrings are 8.5 cm long, without ear hooks.  

    These earrings can be woven into both long and short earrings. 


    Happy beading













    VAT Included
    • Seed beads 11 (R11A) approx. 1 g

      Seed beads 11 (R11B) approx. 1.5 g 

      Bicone 3 mm (Bic3) 32pcs

      Superduo (SD) approx. 7.7 g  

      Round bead 8 mm (RP8) 10pcs

      Optional: Rondelle 8x6mm

      Round bead 4 mm (RP4) 16pcs

      Optional: Rondelle 4x3mm

      Chaton 8 mm (Ch8) 2pcs

      Fireline 0.12 mm – needle

    • English - 8 DIN A4 Seiten

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