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  • "Funky" is a freebie


    "Funky" is a chain in a CRAW technique. It's just hard work; O)

    With a lot or less bling bling; O)

    In this "funky" there are also metal rings, eyelets and a little chain link  built-in.

    They are in the kit.

    This variant of Fundy consists of 15 units and is closed with the 16th unit.

    The rings are threaded very close to each other.   


    The chain consists of R11, metal rings  and Bic3.

    IN THE KIT ARE all R11 in tubes of approx. 6gr.

    So there is still a lot left to do  to thread additional bracelet.  

    (This kit contains about 200gr R11 - a total of 28  Tube)



    Only the R11 and the metal elements are in the kit

    NO BIC3 received.

    The Swaros can be used as you wish, or they can be left out entirely.

    "Funky" is suitable to use our remaining stock on Bic3.

    Have fun


    VAT Included
    Pink - blue: Pink blue
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