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"Goldy" consists mainly of the Cubic RAW technique, but knowledge of Herringbone and Peyote is also required. 

No instructions for beginners.



Goldy Bunt is threaded with 2 Rivoli Vitrail 27mm.

Since it is a color that is no longer produced,

there are 2 options:

2x Rivoli 27mm in Volcano

2x Rivoli 27mm in Cry. Purple Haze Foiled


Have fun.

All pearls are included in the kit.

But not needle and thread.

The instructions must be ordered separately.


VAT Included
Rose: Rose
  • Rocailes size 11 (6 different colors)

    Rocailles size 15

    Round beads 6mm

    Delica 11

    Bicone 3mm

    2 chatons 8mm

    2 Rivoli 27mm

    Option: Cotton - Pins - Eyelets - Rondelles - Bic4

    Thread - Fireline 0.12mm

    12mm needle

  • German - 16  pages

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