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  • "Lady Grace" is a long necklace that can also be threaded short.

    With a very nice center point, the  Rivoli 27mm.

    Diligent work in a CRAW technique and peyote.


    The kit includes all the necessary beads. 

    The instructions must be purchased separately. 

    The instructions are explained step by step with pictures.


    Please mention again which color you want in the kit. 

    Thanks very much


    VAT Included
    colour blue: Blue long
    Brown long: Brown long
    • Delica 11

      Rocailles 15-11

      Rivoli 27mm

      Bicone 3mm

      Chaton 8mm

      Rondelles 4x3mm

      Round beads or ground glass beads 3mm

      Round beads or ground glass beads 4mm

      2mm ground glass beads

      Fireline 0.12mm

    • German - 15 pages

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